The Cold is Here and So Are The New Coloradical Thermals.

Available now in the store.

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Holiday Handmade This Weekend, Special Tee Release.

Fancy Tiger Crafts presents the Holiday Handmade this weekend at the Sherman Events Center.  I did this even last year and it was amazing.  60 local crafters will be set up selling their wares so that you can avoid the mall and lame presents.  I will be releasing 3 new tees including a special series of 1 of a kind prints that will be limited to a total edition of 30.  So come on down and be the first to get your hands on these and other great products from Denver’s best.  Oh, by the way it’s free.

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Check out the Custom Foosball Table I Made.

It took a long time and I had a lot of fun, and now my Custom Good vs Evil Foosball table is complete.  I took a 1970’s German coin operated Foosball table, custom painted the players and revamped a few things and now it is the pride of my game room.  It’s 100% playable and I even let people have a go at it when it dropped during my Fancy Tiger release party, didn’t even charge them the normal quarter!  There’s Hitler, Dahl Lama, Charles Manson, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus Christ, a Juggalo and more.  I’m pretty stoked about the result, this was an idea I’d been trying to make happen for a long time and years of boozy Foosball fun will be the reward.  Unless someone wants to purchase it, it which case I’m selling it for $10,000.   Email to inquire.  Lots of thanks to Gavin McGlynn for the photos.


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New Coloradical Colorado Flag Flat Bill Snap Back Hats!

The new hats are out now!  Complete with 3-D embroidery, flat bill, and printed under bills.  There’s a bunch of excellent style options for wearing these, and I recommend any of them.

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Coloradical Denver Capitol T-Shirts Out Now!

Represent the city you love with the new Denver Capitol t-shirts.  You can feel as good as you did as a kid on a third grade field trip with this one.  So put that gold dome on your chest and rock the Denver night away. 

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New Coloradical Sunset Gradient T-Shirt.

After having a few left from my release party at Fancy Tiger I just got these guys into stores (also available in black tri-blend, click the shirt to see it).  I’m really into the way this makes me think of the Thundercats/ GI Joe era of my youth…  Just something about it.  It’s not available online currently so maybe pop into one of the fine retail locations that carry my tees if you’re into it.  


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The Holy Ghost T-Shirt

This new design is a limited edition of 64.  Get ’em while they’re out, now available at Fancy Tiger, and the Denver and Boulder Buffalo Exchanges.


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New Eye Hand T-Shirt.

Here’s a new tee inspired from my travels in India.  There’s a lot of weird stuff going on here and I’d much rather people try and crack the code or find their own take on it than sit here and fill your ears with “spiritual” and religious jibber-jabber.  All I’m saying is, follow the path to Rad Mountain.  Click the tee for more pics and close ups.

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Monotype Minimalist Circle Series.

I released these 1 of a kind circle monotypes at my show at Fancy Tiger.  There are a total of 36 of them out there and each one is different due to the gradient ink printing technique I employed.  Some are single layer, some are multi layer, some are all water base, some are plastisol and water base.  Screen printing can get downright boring sometimes, but with these it was great to do each one and pull back the screen with anticipation and excitement to see the result.  The picture here is the one I decided to keep for myself, if you click it you can see  couple others.  I’m all out of these but if you’re after one there remaining pieces are at Buffalo Exchange Denver and Boulder while they last. 

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