Legalize Acid Tie-Dye T-Shirts.








Sooo….. I totally made these exist.  I’ve been wanting to do these forever, but hadn’t found the right vehicle for the message.  Then it occurred me, tie-dye.  Now you can boldly walk down the street looking like a stereotypical post hippie and everyone will assume you’re off your rocker on the stuff.  Hell, maybe you will be.  It’s a license to freak out squares, and who doesn’t like freaking out squares?   So quit talking about legalizing weed, it’s boring, and let’s get down to real business.  Every shirt is one of a kind due to the nature of tie-dye, which I learned just for this project.  If you want one sent to your door anywhere in the world then check out the webstore where you’ll find more designs and styles.  Click it to see more and the super sweet custom neck tag.

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